I pulled my old Peavey T out of the basement I’m wondering when it was made.. Just purchased a T from a fella and the serial number is: , it also has a name burned into the front of the guitar above the fretboard which is: Chip Dale. Does anyone know anything about this guitar and why the name is burned into the front of it. Hartley Peavey wanted to market a guitar of very good quality and then sell it at a reasonable price point. If you have the name burned in – that is one that Chip has worked on in recent years.

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The following are vintage, electric, and acoustic guitar dating and serial number websites. The only way we know to date your Peavey Guitar including dating your Peavey. Peavey year and model question – Seymour Duncan www. Peavey If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link when my amp was made by the serial number I posted in this topic.

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The Peavey Foundation bass was manufactured from to , with its golden period occurring during the ’80s, yet it continues to attract loyal fans today. A look at its history and features make it clear why it continues to resonate with musicians. The history of Peavey began when Hartley Peavey, who still owns and runs every detail of the company today, began taking electronics classes and tinkering with music gear in the ’50s.

It is now one of the largest music companies in the world with over patents. Hiding unobtrusively in all of Peavey’s storied success is the humble but well-loved Foundation bass. As the Blue Book of Guitar Values notes in the link above, the basic Peavey Foundation bass setup had the following features and options:. As Foundation bass player communities note, players love the Foundation bass for its bold tone that sounds as good as a Fender but differentiates itself from both the Fender Precision and Jazz.

finding age of peavey t-40

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guitar counterpart the T were the first guitars manufactured by Peavey. Dating– Peavey has a forum where you can post your serial# and get.

Forgot your password? By Rubinowits , November 9, in Bass Guitar. Contact the company at customerservice peavey. Two replies. That has to be a record. You can post now and register later.

Peavey Foundation Bass Guitar

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The T60 was the first guitar Peavey ever produced. It was a market changer due to some of the new ideas and manufacturing techniques employed on this. Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments and professional audio equipment. Sexually compulsive behaviors are also seen when examining the association between alcohol and dating violence prevention Find great deals on eBay for Peavey T in Electric Guitar.

If you can see this, your browser does not support frames. Home Trash or Treasure: Peavey T I hear a lot more about Peaveys T60 guitar and T40 bass. Mississippibased Peavey Electronics. The T40 and it’s guitar counterpart the t60 were the first guitars manufactured by Peavey.

Peavey’s Razer, Mystic, and Foundation

Peavey T Dating 15 03 – can you tell from the serial number how old a t – 40 is? Dates of manufacture: to One of Peavey’s original bass designs, the T – 40 was a popular affordable bass produced starting in the late ’70s.

I hear a lot more about Peavey’s T guitar and T bass. Mississippi-based Peavey Electronics, as many of us know, first made its mark as.

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CLICK HERE! Peavey T Dating 15 03 – can you tell from the serial number how old a t – 40 is? mine is Dates of manufacture: to

Read the current issue of VG. Courtesy of Peavey Electronics Corporation. Just a handful of years after Peavey turned the world of electric guitar upside-down with its T guitar and T bass, the company was feeling its oats. Peavey Mystic in white finish; photo by Willie G. Peavey Foundation Bass in silver. Peavey veteran Mike Powers was head of guitar development at the time; he and founder Hartley Peavey monitored the evolution of new designs. The Mystic was developed as a curvaceous counterpoint to the straight-edged Razer.

He kept the drawing, and the Mystic wound up looking a lot like that outline. While the Mystic had a scorpion-like look, the Razer looked like nothing else — and neither guitar set the woods afire, sales-wise. Ford died in Photo courtesy of Peavey Electronics Corporation. All three survived for a few years before disappearing from price lists after The bridge had large, barrel-shaped saddles, helping to evoke a sound that was bright and beefy.

Rickenbacker 4003 vs. Peavey T-40: CUPID’S DEAD