Kawagoe is a city that is an hour’s drive from Tokyo. While it may be famous for its clocktower, matchmaking shrine, and retro streets, this town actually has a lot more to offer. This article introduces a new way to experience the city, from a museum designed by a world-famous Japanese architect to an old-style cafe that oozes charm. If you want to explore Kawagoe in a unique way or just spend a pleasant day strolling its streets, this is the guide to check out. Sep 03 Apr 15 Although this coffee shop has only been open for around 20 years, its overall appearance brings one back to the Taisho era of Japan – , when political liberalism was on the rise and taking inspiration from the West became somewhat of a norm in Japanese architecture. Upon opening the door, you will see the wooden interior with dark mottled leather chairs and walls. The home-roasted coffee and handmade cheesecakes are the pride of Shimano Coffee Taisho-kan.

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You can find very lovely cakes and souvenirs there, which are very popular especially among ladies. Please visit this cafe when visiting Kawagoe. Related facilities and areas.

Speed Dating in Tokyo for both Japanese and Foreigners. Events run frequently! Come and enjoy a fun night out and meet lots of amazing people!

February 12, Gokon is relatively easy to set up and simply needs an equal number of men and women, usually three women and three men. For those wanting a more lively night, there are tons of interesting bars , clubs and restaurants just waiting to be discovered around Tokyo. International parties and local community events are also a pretty good way to meet people from the local community and perhaps maybe even something more. Simple — spa day. Japan has a plethora of amazing beauty products and salons for both men and women such as these great barbers in Tokyo and some humorous face masks.

An obvious place to get some much needed TLC would be at your local onsen or sento , a Japanese bathhouse, there is no greater feeling than having all your problems washed away in the cleansing onsen waters of a local bathhouse. One of the lesser-known aspects of karaoke culture in Japan is solo-karaoke.

Deai kissa matchmaking cafes more than just a meet n’ greet

Officials desperately want more women to work to boost the country’s stagnant economy. But it also wants them to have more babies to reverse a long-running decline in the birth rate , one of the lowest in the world. That’s led to taxpayer-financed dating services in places like Ishioka, a town about an hour outside Tokyo.

Buddhist monks and matchmaking services may sound like an unlikely combination, but many Buddhist sects in the country are now offering.

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The Japanese government is trying to find your perfect match

Throughout Tokyo and other large Japanese cities, international couples freely enjoying themselves can be seen everywhere. Francis is an American who works at an IT company in Japan and he hit it off right away with a Japanese woman whom a friend had introduced. After a year of dating they married and have been enjoying marital bliss these past five years in Japan.

Working in a Japanese company one can understand Japanese culture, but when it comes to love, that is another matter.

Japanese seniors are signing on to online matchmaking services and a narrow circle,” said Kawamura, sipping coffee in a cafe in Tokyo.

In the wake of the September murder of a year-old university student by a man she met at a deai kissa , or matchmaking cafe, the Mainichi ran an article Japanese here that takes a look inside the very same venue where the pair met. The Mainichi article gives attention to two potential sides of the deai kissa coin, interviewing both a woman who waits for a customer looking to negotiate, and another who visits to escape the doldrums of life as a telephone receptionist. But what really goes on in a deai kissa?

Are the clubs as management makes them out to be—innocuous meeting places for would-be couples—with a stray shady deal happening now and then, or are they knowingly operated as hotbeds for prostitution? Everything takes place with the cafe staff as mediators. Men can observe unseen from behind glass. Women wait to be chosen, then reject at will without having to say anything directly. A look online into discussions of the cafes and deai kissa portal sites paints a mixed picture.

There is overwhelming yet, for the most part unspoken, implication that these matchmaking cafes are not for those looking to meet members of the opposite sex for simply lunch and karaoke. Photos of women feature prominently on sites, with many displaying page after page of headless ladies , often claiming that this visit to the kissa is their first experience.

Older Japanese go online in search of love

Buddhist monks and matchmaking services may sound like an unlikely combination, but many Buddhist sects in the country are now offering such services for their monks as their temples face a dearth of successors and possible integration with other temples. Out of its 3, temples nationwide, some currently have no managing monks and are being overseen by other temples.

In Japan , it is typical for relatives of monks — especially head monks — to inherit caretaker duties of their temples. But because of a lack of successors, the monks have become desperate to find wives in order to preserve this tradition and save their temples from being closed or integrated. Kongobuji joined the matchmaking service in April to help its monks and their sons and daughters find partners.

As of December, about 80 monks were registered as members of the free service, according to the temple.

Last month a year-old university student met a man at a matchmaking cafe in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. A few hours later she was found.

The matchmaking works through a Line group that participants are registered to for the duration of the event. This way the potential lovebirds can communicate in real time while still protecting their personal information. It has since proved a smash hit locally, becoming the top-selling app and transforming every corner of Tokyo into a hive of people earnestly swiping at digital creatures on their phone screens.

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Iwa world water congress exhibition , serves various. Senbon shopping arcade is a matchmaking glory. So if she is anything like an international relations graduate from tokyo dating event in kochi organise coffee and long-term relationship.

Review: Kirari Community Cafe in Tokyo, Japan The place under review today is a branch in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo but the other locations Is there someone like a translator or a guide to help with matchmaking if a hot amateur was.

Matchmaking parties are pretty common in Japan. Though the percentage of couples who actually get married is decreasing nowadays, the government and other private sectors are helping people in holding marriage events and meeting potential partners. This is no ordinary matchmaking event, as participants will be blindfolded while they get to know each other.

This will help them find their true match through their inner selves rather than their physical appearance. It is literally a blind date. Japan is home to one of the fastest aging societies in the world more elderly, fewer young people to support them and the birth rate in the country has been decreasing for decades. It is also forecast to lose a third of its population in the next fifty years or so.

To help aid its increase, matchmaking parties are funded to remedy the situation.

People’s Park Shanghai | A Visit to the Matchmaking Market

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